Advanced Robotics Laboratory on-line cameras

Advanced Robotics Laboratory

Here are the latest webcam Pictures... Click on them to watch streaming videos

These are real-time pictures of Brescia University Advanced Robotics Laboratory and of the University campus. They are taken with low-cost webcams, connected to several computers. Please note that these images are provided on the Web as a part of a research project, named SAURON (Surveillance Autonomous Robots Over Network) whose aims and first results have recently been published. If you click on the images and bandwidth allows, you'll get streaming video!

Since this is an experiment, images will often be unavailable. We apologize!

If the images are black, check the time... It might be night in this part of the world!

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Webcam Image 5
This is a view over the campus, from a first floor window facing North. If you click on this image, you'll get a streaming video showing what's going on.